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13 Ways to make your outfit more original


Wearing the same clothes day after day can sometimes be a bit monotonous and boring if we do not give a touch of freshness, style and personality to each of those combinations. That’s why today we’ll show you some really effective ideas to achieve subtle but impactful changes in your looks, I’m sure you’ll love it!

A watch and a manicure that make the perfect match. Add if you can a ring of the same color as the clock.

Almost no girl wears berets, use them! There is no way they look bad, much less if you combine them with glasses that go with your face.

Do not be afraid of socks! Embed them in your look.

If you feel that your outfit looks very “simple”, make a little nudity … it is always a good option!

Why not something like that with your ripped jeans?

Do not be afraid to wear socks in casual outfits. Do not marry the idea that the stockings are only to look with “office” outfits.

Gird up your sweatshirts, especially if you wear a pumping or denim jacket, it will give you a lot of style.

If you want a touch more “nice” girl for those days when you’re going to meet your in-laws, a sweater around the neck is everything.

If what you are looking for is something more “daring” (to say it in some sense), the ‘lace up’ chokers will make you look totally amazing and feminine.

Bodysuit + fishnet stockings = explosive combination.

The bralettes do not go out of style, much less if you combine them with a cute shirt. Oh! And do not forget to combine them with a beautiful necklace.

Had you considered using something like that? I’m sure you will now.

Ufff! dare, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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