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14 Outfits that look ugly no matter how good you are


It is true that in matters of fashion, each person is a different world, and what for me could be beautiful, for others it could be horrible. That’s why before showing you these combinations that seem to me very beautiful, I want to tell you not to take it personally if you like them.

In a world where we all make our “best” effort to see ourselves different and original, many times we cross the line of what is seen with style, towards the ridiculous and even uncomfortable to see. Oh! And by the way, this in my opinion (I reiterate) applies no matter that you have a spectacular body and face.

Tell me if you think the same or different to me, I would like to know.

The baggy pants are never a good idea. The worst thing is that I have seen some that combine them with heels!

The bralette of law has to go below, there is no other.

These “strips” became super fashion last year, I hope that in this and lose strength.

What causes me the most noise is how giants your shoes look compared to your little body.

It does not look elegant or fashionista.

A proof that even if you are a “leather”, if you do not have good taste, you simply will not look good.

This look causes me great anguish.

No Please!

I’m not against ripped jeans, or baggy sweaters. But yes that the jeans are completely watery from the bottom.

There is a limit and she passed it. It seems vagabond.

It looks like a caricature with all the XL clothes.

Failed to try to look like “bad girl”

Neither to go to a dive this looks good.

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