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40 Small Closets That Will Inspire You!

Small Closets are desired by several people, in a decoration, be it home, apartment or work environment, the most difficult is to find space to store the most diverse things, because it is no use to paint the walls with a beautiful color, or to coat with wallpaper or something else, put up beautiful furniture and decorative objects, if the environments will remain disorganized.

Each room in a residence has a different way of storing everything, and in the rooms the most used ones are the closets, which are spaces created to store accessories, shoes, bedding and ordinary clothes, all in an organized and practical way, making easy to find the part or parts you are looking for.

Small Closets: Essential Items

In addition to the space, the closets also have decorative items to put clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else you want, they are: clothes racks, which can be made of metal or wood and can be used to put clothes, shirts, coats and other parts.
modern small closets
Clothespins that are perfect for putting clothes in small spaces and protecting them from dents and marks; hooks, billets for hanging accessories, towels and clothing; closet organizers such as drawers partitions, this element leaves the pieces apart, making it easier for the viewer and shoe organizer, which in addition to organizing, leaves the shoes kept and protected from dust and moisture, they can also be found with transparencies.

Other items that can not be missing in a closet, be it small or large, are:

Women’s organizers – Women are usually very organized, so in a closet can not miss the female organizers, they are great allies of the female audience, are available in various models and materials.

Some organizers are: handkerchief, to keep the tissues and the jewelry, ideal to store all the accessories for women in one place.

Tissue boxes and baskets – The boxes and fabric baskets are sturdy as they are able to store heavier objects. They can be found in many shapes, prints, fabric types and colors. They are essential in a closet.

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Most common models of small closets

Many people think that having a closet requires a lot of space in the house or apartment, however the good news is that anyone can set up a closet in your home, because if the space is not enough, just make a small closet.
Small closets in room
Small closets are usually used by people living in apartments, which are becoming more compact. The most common models include only a cabinet with drawers and clothes racks, which have a wardrobe and a dresser, those decorated with carpet, lampshade and other objects of decoration and those decorated with a shelf with racks and drawers, a shelf where they are put shoes and accessories and one or two armchairs.

10 Superdicas to decorate small closets

1. The first thing to think about is the space where the small closet will be mounted, then separate a space in the bedroom or an entire room to assemble your closet.

2. The closet can hold things of a single person or the whole family, the choice will depend on the owner of the environment.

3. The small closet can be created in place of a closet or a room that is not being used because in any available environment it is possible to place shelves, drawers, macaws and everything else to set up a closet.

4. The closet can be mounted in the double bedroom, just separate it with a bookcase.

5. Before creating the small closet, it is necessary to measure the space of the room and create a project, which will show you where to put the furniture so that the environment is perfect.

6. Shelves are key in a small closet, the best place to put them is in the top or bottom of the closet. The shelves should be of a good thickness to withstand the weight of clothing and objects.

7. If you choose to mount your small closet in a separate room, the tip is to paint the walls with a light color, which in addition to enlarging the space, it will look more beautiful.

8. The mirror is a very important element in a closet, small or large, because people can dress in their own environment and see themselves in the mirror to see if they are well dressed or not.

9. The lighting of small closets should also be white, because it resembles sunlight and allows better visualization of the pieces.

10. Fixtures, frames, picture frames and other objects of decoration are indicated in the decoration of a small closet.

40 Photos of small closets that will inspire you

For those people who dream of having a small closet in their homes, the tip is to search for photos on the internet and go to a specialized store to stay inside the materials, prices and furniture available to assemble this environment, which can make any home more beautiful . See also the gallery pictures below.
small closet

small clean closet

small closet with staircase

female small closet

small integrated bedroom closet

cute little closet

cute little closet

male small closet

modern small closet

organized small closet

small closet for woman

rustic small closet

super organized small closet

small closets

small closets

small closets cheap

chic small closets

small closets with closets

small decorated closets

small closets photos

Wonderful little closets

models small closets

Small closets in room

small closets in double bedroom

Perfect small closets

little roses closets

small closets without spending too much money

how to decorate small closets

how to decorate small closets

how to decorate a small closet

how to set up a small closet

small closets decoration

decorate small closet

photos of small closets

beautiful small closet

small closet model

small closet models

small closet models

furniture for small closets

Videos with Tips to assemble / decorate a small closet

So if you have a small house or apartment and your clothes, shoes, bedding and accessories are disorganized, create a closet in your house today, of course, in a short time you will see the difference.

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