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7 Outfits to walk in fabulous mood all week


Although it may seem routine, a girl’s mood depends on her day of the week. That is to say, Mondays are early and Saturday is happy. As well as the days, the clothes also influence your mood and if you want to feel fabulous I leave you 7 perfect outfits for each day of the week.

Monday: a formal outfit but in colorful tones

According to the psychology of color, bright colors influence your perception of the day. If you wear yellow it will seem a more pleasant or happy day. Also look formal will make you feel powerful.

Tuesday: a thin shirt with shawls with jeans or tight shorts

For a thin shirt, we refer to a basic shirt that has colors or figures of prestigious brands. In addition a good belt will make your body look more curved and attractive.

Wednesday: business type outfit

Being the ombliguito of the week, this day goes unnoticed. To feel fantastic, make this day something special and dress as if you were the owner of a large company.

Thursday: short jeans with low-cut blouse and boots

This outfit is not only attractive, it is easy to achieve. They are basic things that they all have in their closet. It is also perfect to go for a beer after your long day.

Friday: White or Little Black Dress with tennis and denim jacket

The jacket is because it suits the dress perfectly and if you go out at night. In addition the tennis will make you feel comfortable all day and you can feel fabulous until the night.

Saturday: mini silk dress, satin, etc.

Regardless if you go to a formal or casual event The dress makes you look fabulous! Not to mention that it adapts to the situation. Preferably use good heels to look good b * tch.

Sunday: pants at the waist, tennis and sports top

Sundays are for resting and walking in pajamas. If you have the need to leave do not miss the opportunity to look good. Wear this Hollywood star outfit on Sunday.

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