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Bedroom Curtains – 40 Inspiring Photos

The curtains for the double room are found in several different models, ideally you abuse your imagination and good taste to choose a curtain that matches the style of the couple. Nowadays the decoration requires that the furniture, colors and objects combine to harmonize, an essential item to be able to leave the most diverse environments of a house or apartment, comfortable, warm, organized and beautiful.

Among the environments of a residence, the double bedroom calls for a more detailed decoration, after all is an environment where two different people sleep and spend much of their time.

A double-bedroom decor requires a large, comfortable and beautiful bed, two nightstands, one on each side of the bed, a table and a chair, if one wants to study or work, a lamp, clothes, one or two armchairs and white lighting to highlight the colors of all the decor items. If the double bedroom has a window, the tip is to beautify it with a curtain.

Models of curtains for double room

In the market it is possible to find many models of curtains for double rooms, among which are: The curtain with worked bar, voal of light color and dark colored shawl; organza curtain with pleated shawl and a blackout from behind to prevent sunlight from entering; light-colored curtain and wave finish; large curtains with rustic silk shawls; curtain with chains; short curtain with light fabric voile and silk shawl and curtain with blackout and shawl.

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In addition to the curtains of fabrics, the double rooms can count on blinds, which can be pleated and colored, blind with blackout and remote control, blind of banana straw, rustic blind, polyester blinds, white blind and others.

The curtains for double room can be made with velvet, organza, silk, suede, French silk, linen, natural fibers, polyester, among others. The curtains can have a rustic, modern, romantic, sophisticated and simple style, the choice will depend on the decoration of the double room.

Tips for decorating double rooms with curtains

1. The curtains can be used in different environments of a house, however they are more common in the living room and bedrooms, as their main function is to give beauty to the environment and at the same time protect it from sunlight.

2. In order for the decoration of the double room to be harmonized, the tip is to combine the color of the curtain with the bedding, among the most common are: white, gray, black, blue, beige and pastel shades of various colors.

3. There are also double bedroom decorations where the curtain has the same color as the walls, so it gives a continuation effect when it is closed.

4. To highlight the curtain in the environment, the best option is to choose a color contrary to the walls, ie if the wall has a dark color such as red, green, navy blue and orange, then the curtain should have a color white as white, off white and beige, if the walls have light colors then you can bet without fear on the curtains of strong colors.

5. Curtains should follow the size and width of the window, so when light enters, it may be prevented from lightening the room.

6. The curtains for double rooms can be long or short, will depend on the taste of the couple.

7. For double rooms it is possible to find completely stamped curtains, mainly with flowers or a flat half and the other stamped.

8. The curtains can have a voal, which is that thinner fabric underneath and a shawl, which is the thickest fabric on top.

9. A different decor than double room is matching the color of the curtain with just one of the walls.

10. The curtains for double rooms can be made with fabrics, metals, chains and even have hanging accessories, because in the specialized stores the variety is great.

11. Before acquiring the curtain for your bedroom window, it is important to take the measurements out of the window, with this you will have no risk of making a mistake in the size of the curtain.

12. The curtains can be smooth, have prints or pleats, which make the double rooms even more modern and cozy.

13. Curtains can also be placed in double rooms with decorations of shades on shades, for example if the room is total blue, opt for a curtain of that color, but with a different shade from the others.

14. The curtains in earthy tones should be added in double rooms with more discreet and sober decoration.

15. Double bed curtains may contain a raised bar or it can be covered with some structure.

16. To make the décor look even more beautiful, complete it with beautiful white lighting transmitted by luminaires, points of light, recessed lighting in the ceiling or on a wall and even a chandelier.

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Pictures of Double Bedroom Curtains

So there are plenty of curtain options for double rooms so the tip to make a mistake is to see the photos available on the internet and the gallery of this article and go to some specialist stores to search for the prices, models and fabrics available for curtains . Check out 40 inspiring photos, ideal for you to choose the perfect curtain.
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