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The Decorated Dressers are indispensable furniture in the composition of a female bedroom, in a house or apartment there are many details that need attention so that the surroundings are beautiful and cozy. There are many models of decoration, and the most requested are: modern, contemporary, rustic, classic and sophisticated.

The sophisticated and classic decoration asks for furniture and objects with different lines, to leave all the rooms perfect. Among the furniture that can not miss in this type of decoration are the dressers.

The vanities are different furniture and functional, as well as having drawers to store various items, still have a space to put the beauty items and a mirror that can not miss.

Decorated dresser models

Decorated dresser models
The models of decorated dressers can be found for all tastes, in which they are: the simple dressings, the most exquisite, the ones with mirrors Venetian style, with common mirrors and more.

Generally decorated dresser models are placed in women’s quarters, especially adolescent girls, but can be part of the bedroom decor for girls and adults. These furniture are used by women to make-up and make-up.

23 Tips for decorating and organizing your dressing table

1. The decorated dressers are indispensable in a feminine room, because they bring more beauty and delicacy to the decoration.

2. Dressers can be found complete in decor stores, but they can be made with a coffee table or a dresser and a mirror.

3. To customize the decorated dresser, the best option is to store the brushes in glasses, put smaller mirrors on the counter and use trays to put the accessories and perfumes.

4. A modern mirror and an armchair make a lot of difference on a decorated shelf.

5. Try to invest in a mirror in Venetian style, to give a chic touch to the decor and prints on the chair or the armchair of the dressing table.

6. Try to position your makeup, cosmetics and hair brushes on the decorated dresser, so that the furniture is organized.

7. A table with drawers, a simple table, a dresser with drawers, a glass or iron table and more can be used in the decorated dresser.

8. Various flower arrangements look gorgeous on a decorated vanity, another good option is to put small mirrors on the furniture.

9. The most common colors on the decorated dressers are light and feminine, such as white, yellow, pink, salmon and pastel shades of green, blue and lilac.

10. The vanity mirror can be venetian, square, rectangular or round, will depend on the taste of each woman.

11. The dressing table should be placed in the room, or in another environment where a space is only available to set up this corner of beauty.

12. The dressing table should match the style and color of the room, however, it is possible to contrast the colors, ie if the walls are clear, the dressing table may have a strong or dark color and vice versa.

13. To separate well the space of the decorated dresser, a good option is to put a beautiful and feminine carpet.

14. In addition to armchairs or chairs, the dressing table can also have a decorated bench, but the ideal is to use a chair with a sophisticated and padded style.

15. The decor of the decorated dresser can be transmitted by a beautiful modern lamp, a lamp or fluorescent lamp or LED. Remembering that the light must be white.

16. Dressing gowns can also be part of the decor of a double bedroom, after all, these furniture can also be used by men, who are becoming more and more vain. So if the dressing table is for the couple, the tip is to bet on a more neutral color, like white, brown and green.

17. Normally on a dresser, the mirror is suspended on the wall, however if you want the mirror can stay on top of the same furniture.

18. Try combining the dressing table with the other decor items, such as curtains, lamps, bedding and everything else and if you like you can put family picture frames on your dresser.

19. In shops that specialize in decoration, it is possible to find cut-out desks, that is, those that are made according to the available space and taste of the person, but this alternative costs more.

20. Try not to fill your dressing table with many elements, as it is best to put only the necessary one that will be used daily.

21. Always leave your dressing gown clean as brushes and make-up products often accumulate a lot of dirt.

22. If placing a dressing table in a child’s room, take care to secure the mirror to the wall so that there are no accidents.

23. To make your decorated vanity even more beautiful, invest in a mirror with a beautiful frame.

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So if you dream of having a dressing table decorated in your room, search for photos and tips on the internet, as there are many sites that talk about this subject. To be inspired, see also the photos of the gallery, which brings combers to suit all tastes.
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To set up a dressing table in your home you need to inform yourself and acquire all the necessary items to have this space of beauty in your home. Once your dressing gown is ready, you can style and style yourself in a beautiful, comfortable place.

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