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Decorating Home Theaters in Environments (50 Photos to Inspire)

The decoration of home theaters in small or large environments can be made with lots of creativity and good taste. The decoration is an art that should be applied in all rooms of a house or apartment, as it is responsible for giving beauty, comfort and space to the most diverse environments.

In a residence where the family does not give up watching movies in high definition and with perfect sound, the tip is to set up a home theater environment.

The room with a Home Theater is one of the environments that always stands out in a house or apartment, because it is an environment where people live and can spend time watching movies or other programs. The most modern Home Theaters are made up of speakers and a Blu Ray player. This environment has come to replace the traditional TV rooms.

Decoration of Home Theaters in Environments

Home decoration teathers
1. The first thing that should be taken into account in an ambience decor with Home Theater, is the acoustics, so choose well the furniture, the colors of the furniture, flooring materials and type of flooring. Some items indicated for this environment are: wooden panels to put the television, carpets, carpet floor, wallpaper, plastered ceiling and styrofoam boards on the walls. All these materials absorb the sound and prevent it from spreading.

2. In a Category Home Theater environment, you need to invest in a high quality sound system, it needs to have multiple speakers. The room should also have a more sober lighting, unlike an ordinary TV room.

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3. The size of the TV should match the size of the room, because if you place a very large television in a small space, people will be on top of the unit and will damage the view. The TV should be in the center of the environment and in front of it place the sofas and armchairs.

4. If the Home Theater environment has one or more windows, add thin fabric curtains that will prevent sunlight from entering, but will leave the room ventilated.

5. Regarding furniture, give preference to large sofas, soft and comfortable, the puffs give a special touch to the environment and can still be used by other people who want to watch the movies.

6. The cushions are items indicated to give more style to the decoration, choose the patterns. On the wall put pictures that are never too much.

7. The TV which is the main part of the home theater can be placed on a wooden panel on the wall, on large furniture that has space underneath and the sides for the speakers and even in racks, will depend on the style of each decoration.

8. To give your Home Theater environment more comfort, prefer dark or neutral colors on the walls, such as brown, beige, gray, honey and others that may or may not be combined with white.

9. Ambient lighting with home theater should be white and transmitted by common fluorescent or LED lamps, but also the points of light or the recessed lighting on the wall, which will leave the environment even more sophisticated.

10. The home theater environment should be in an enclosed room so that when people go to the cinema, they can close the door.

11. The decoration of this environment can not contain many items, otherwise it takes the attention of the people who watch the TV, so the tip is to put only the necessary furniture, one or two pictures on the wall behind the sofa, a coffee table, curtains , if the environment has windows and a matching rug.

12. Other items that can easily be part of a TV environment are the suspended shelves, they can be used to place DVDs of movies and other objects.

50 Pictures of Decorating Home Theaters in Small and Large Environments

Generally, home theater environments are made up of large furniture and expensive high-tech gadgets, since the purpose of this environment is to have a kind of cinema in the house to enjoy with family and friends, however, the most humble people can decorating a home theater environment simpler, just search the stores, smaller TVs, speakers with less quality and DVD player in place of Blu Ray.

On the internet you can find photos that bring different styles of decoration to environments with home theater, are large or small spaces, exquisite or simpler, but all with the same goal, provide moments of leisure in the family, very difficult thing nowadays.

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So dream of having an isolated environment with a TV, sound and Blu Ray or DVD player, choose a room in your home and start building your Home Theater, sure, the whole family, including children, will love the novelty . To get inspired, check out the photos from the gallery, with the most beautiful room decorations, which leave nothing to be desired for real cinemas.

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Home decoration teathers

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