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Engagement Party – Ideas to Organize and Photos

The Engagement Party is an important moment in the life of the couple, and to make a beautiful decoration of the engagement party it is important to follow some tips and ideas to organize. To celebrate the engagement, which is the second step of the relationship, since the first is the courtship and the third is the marriage, the couple usually make a dinner or a party to share with loved ones this special moment.

It is at the engagement party where the man gives his girlfriend an engagement ring and often in this event is marked the date of the wedding, so this party asks for a very romantic decoration.

Engagement Party – Ideas to organize

Ideas for Organizing an Engagement Party
1. Engagement party decor should be discreet and romantic, but creativity is essential.

2. Balloons that are essential in birthday decorations, should be present at the engagement parties, the tip is to bet on the red color, which is the one that most matches the event.

3. Use and abuse the balloons, hang them around the environment where the party will happen, make hearts with them and whatever else you want. The most indicated colors are red, blue, pink, white and silver.

4. Spread throughout the frame frames and mounts with photos of the couple in different phases of the relationship.

5. The main table of the engagement party needs a towel with embroidery and details, it can be white or red, same-colored napkins with embroidery, new bowls and cutlery, flower arrangements, preferably roses, tulips and orchids and candles that can not miss, to give the air more romantic.

6. Hearts can not be missing, so make hearts with bladders and put on the highlights of the engagement party and also make hearts with cards of different sizes and put on the table, furniture and other places of decoration.

7. Place a cardboard or wooden box with a pad of paper and a pen on the side of the furniture so that the guests write their vows for the bride and groom.

8. Sweet and savory in heart shapes or with the initials of the bride and groom, a cake and delicious foods can not be missed at an engagement party.

9. Write on a white strip the names of the newlyweds or a romantic phrase that has to do with the couple and hang on the party entrance.

10. Flowers can be placed not only on the table but also in all parts of the decoration, as they symbolize love, unity and romanticism.

Engagement Party Cakes

As in all types of parties, the engagement party asks for a cake, which should be delicious and beautiful, the difference from the wedding cake to the engagement cake is, especially the nozzles that stand on top of the cake, because at engagement parties , they are not put into the cakes.

The engagement cakes are mostly in white or red, or have the two colors, they have one, two or three floors and the cover can be made with icing or American paste. These cakes can be decorated with details, in which the most common are: hearts, bows and flowers.

The engagement cakes should be beautiful on the outside to embellish this moment even more, but it should also be tasty, the most common flavors are: chocolate, mousse, various fruits such as passion fruit, grape, strawberry, banana and others, sweet milk, condensed milk, brigadeiro, chestnut and many others.

The engagement party cakes can be round, square or have heart shape, will depend on the style of each couple. In addition to the cakes, another option for engagement is to use those decorated cookies, known as cupcakes, which can receive different decorations and can be found in various flavors.

The engagement cake can also be decorated with a photo of the couple in the center of the cake, this will make the cake beautiful and very personal.

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Engagement Party (60 Photos to Inspire)

For those who are thinking of formalizing the engagement with a party, whether simple or exquisite, follow the above decorating tips and see photos from the gallery and other sites, so it will inspire you to make that day unforgettable, even more beautiful and exciting.
Engagement party

Engagement Party Models

Engagement Party cakes

Engagement party

Engagement Party Decoration

How to Decorate an Engagement Party

Tips to Decorate the Engagement Party

candy for engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Outdoor Engagement Party

engagement party arrangements

Engagement party decorated bar

cake for engagement party

Engagement party

engagement party with handicraft

heart balloons for engagement party

engagement party with flower

engagement party with flowers

engagement party with photos

engagement party with bottles and flowers

Engagement Party Foods

Engagement party with lights

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

how to organize an engagement party

engagement party decoration

Engagement party decorated with crates

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

Engagement party

plaid engagement party
In short, the engagement party calls for a simple yet detailed decoration that leaves the feeling that exists between two people in the air.

Videos with Tips for Decorating Engagement Party without spending too much

It’s important to say that you do not have to spend a lot to celebrate your engagement, you just need to use creativity and ask the help of family members, so everyone doing something, the party is sure to be a great success.

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