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Industrial Decoration – 70 Inspiring Photos

Industrial Decoration is becoming more and more popular, currently it is a style desired by many people. Decoração is an art that was created many years ago, but only became popular in a short time, with the need to give beauty, comfort and organization to the most diverse environments. Today there are many types of decorations that have been created to please people of all styles and tastes.

Other styles of decoration that are widely used today are: modern, rustic, contemporary, colorful, sophisticated, sober and industrial.

Characteristics of Industrial Decoration

Characteristics of Industrial Decoration
For those who do not know the industrial decoration, this style was created in the 70’s, when the population began to move to the lofts, which were once large factories or warehouses that were abandoned and became housing for many families. The main features of the industrial decoration are the textures, colors and elements of old factories that leave these modern and stylish environments.

The industrial decoration should transform the environment into a space similar to a shed or factory, among the items that can be added to this style of decoration are: stairs, brick or concrete walls, exposed beams, rustic flooring, wide windows and metal shelves.

15 Tips for Making an Industrial Decoration

1. To make an industrial decoration is not difficult, you first have to leave one or more walls with the exposed bricks or concrete. The floor can be made with burnt or stone cement.

2. Industrial decoration is more common in large environments, so it requires darker colors that are ideal for large spaces, among which are: blue, black, brown, purple and dark green. However, those who prefer lighter colors, can bet without fear in the color white, beige and pastel shades of the most varied colors.

3. The ceiling, to follow the industrial style, should be composed only of tiles and wooden beams.

4. Generally, the industrial decoration is made in lofts, which are real estate that has little or no division, ie walls, so each room should be well highlighted.

5. The ideal is that next to the door is the living room, composed of a set of sofas, armchairs, a TV, that can stand on a rack and a wooden coffee table, if you want a dining room, separate -that of being with a different carpet, that is, leave the living room uncarpeted and the dining room with a beautiful carpet, with that, the two environments will be separated. In the dining room with industrial decoration, bet on a rectangular table and chairs, all made of hardwood, demolished wood or dyed wood.

6. Almost always the environments that receive an industrial decoration, such as the lofts, have a mezzanine, which is a kind of second floor and is in it that the bedroom should be mounted, but at the bottom, near the rooms can also be mounted a bedroom. The rooms with industrial decor bring brick walls, wooden furniture, such as bed, dresser, wardrobe, bedside table and others.

7. As with all types of decoration, the industrial style also needs to contrast colors, ie light walls, dark furniture and vice versa.

8. Decorating objects are very important to give the environment a personal air, then put on picture frames, plain or printed curtains, rugs and pictures that can be works of art or any other image on one or more walls.

9. Currently industrial-style environments can also be more sophisticated with painted walls and covered piping.

10. The common staircase in industrial decoration, can be concrete, wood or steel, can have a handrail or not.

11. The lighting in an environment with industrial decoration must be white and transmitted by ordinary lamps or lamps, with more rustic style.

12. Although the floor of a residence with an industrial decoration should be rustic and made of stones or burnt cement, this does not prevent the floor from receiving a more expensive coating, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles.

13. If the industrial decoration is made in a loft, the tip is to use on the walls at most two colors, whether it is in an ordinary house or apartment, can invest in various colors.

14. A good choice for decorating industrial environments is to add furniture made from recycled materials, made with plastic bottles, wood, paper, glass and others.

15. To make a true industrial decoration, look for an interior design that understands the subject, make a budget according to your financial conditions, hire honest professionals and buy only quality materials.

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Industrial Decoration – Videos of how to decorate step by step

70 inspiring photos of Industrial Decoration

There are many models of industrial decoration, such as furniture and other sober items, the colorful, the simpler, the more structured, among others. The model of industrial decoration depends on the taste of each owner of home.

To know more about industrial decoration, see the pictures of the gallery and search for decoration sites of the most varied models of this style, you will surely find an industrial model that matches your home.
Recycled Chair in Industrial Decoration

Toilet with Industrial Decoration

Decoration Industrial style

Industrial decoration

Industrial decoration in the TV room

Industrial decoration in the apartment

Industrial decoration in the loft with retro refrigerator

Industrial decoration in loft

Home office decorated in industrial style

Lofts decorated in the Industrial style

Living Room industrial decoration

Large loft with industrial decoration

Creative chandeliers in industrial decoration

So, I hope you have enjoyed the models and the tips to decorate in the industrial style. Enjoy and start today your project to give a renewed in your residence, everyone will love it.

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