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Kids Rooms – Ideas for Decoration with +100 Photos

The Boys’ Rooms can be decorated with a lot of creativity and good taste, since having a child at home is always very good, however, it is important to offer a home that has a reserved space where it can grow well and feel comfortable , and to create such a space it is recommended to follow some decorating tips, even more couples who have boys who tend to be more discerning.

The decoration for boys’ rooms is very varied, for although it emphasizes masculine colors and accessories, it is important to be attentive to a series of details that will count on the right time to make the right choices to create a beautiful, modern, comfortable room and please your son.

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Tips for Decorating Boys’ Rooms

1. The most used colors in boys’ rooms is blue, which is the preferred color of most small ones, then comes the green, which is the second most chosen color of boys, and white is the color used to give lightness to decoration, it can be mixed the other colors, therefore, combines with both blue and green.

When choosing the color of the boy’s room is also necessary to stay alert in case you opt for a thematic decoration because the color should match the chosen theme.

The child’s taste also needs to be taken into account to make up a space where she should feel good.
Kids Rooms ideas for Decoration with 100 Photos
2. The themes for boy’s bedroom decor help to make the environment more personalized and still make the room more pleasant. The most used themes are: the sea bottom, the animals, safari, the adored superheroes of the boys, the soccer teams, among others.

3. The furniture that can not be missing in the boys’ bedrooms is a wardrobe that fits well into space, a not very large dresser, a comfortable bed, and children’s furniture that are very successful are creative and inspired by the characters children’s favorites.

For example, toy storage chests, colorful nightstands, character-shaped wardrobes and car-shaped beds, drawers, slides, and custom headboards.

The characters most present in these furniture are: Spider-Man, Super Men, Hot Wheels, Ben 10, Batman, Cars, Mickey, Justice League, Spongebob, among others.

4. The furniture of children’s bedrooms also need to provide security, so they must be sturdy and feature rounded edges that are best for avoiding small accidents common among children.
Rooms of teenage boys
5. The furniture designed for children’s nursery rooms is on the rise and is ideal for parents who seek a more harmonious and harmonious decoration, these furniture, are those that perfectly fit the environment, but they are much more expensive.

6. Many stores currently sell custom made bedding, wardrobe and dresser kits that sometimes do not come out too expensive and make the boy’s bedroom decor very beautiful and complete.

7. Certain details are indispensable to keep the children’s room organized, so you can not neglect to include in the decoration the items that help in this mission.

Such as baskets for storing toys, shelves for stuffed animals, books and also some toys and niches for hanging clothes, towels and some things for the child.

In addition to these accessories boys’ rooms can also count on other items that help in the decoration like: carpets made of materials that do not accumulate dust, to avoid allergies in the child, the curtains that help to control the luminosity, which is very important in the daytime sleep time.

The paintings with children’s themes, landscapes or photos of some moments of the child’s growth, wall stickers that are becoming more and more common and bring varied models, and everything else that should combine and leave the decoration of the boy’s room more complete.

8. If the boy is in the school stage, it will be necessary to provide a space dedicated to the studies, it should be composed with shelves to put the materials and books, and a table with chair for him to do the tasks.

9. The boys room decor models bring options for children of all tastes, have the most sober rooms ideal for the very small boys who still can not express their tastes, the most colorful and cheerful rooms.

The personalized rooms that are a must have for the kids with a lot of personality who want their favorite characters to be part of their space and the more discreet rooms that are the best for the youngest boys who are starting to study and seek a more sober environment to bring the cousins ​​and friends to sleep.

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+100 Photos of Rooms of Boys decorated

Explore a gallery with +100 Photos of Boys Rooms decorated, be inspired by the models to make a beautiful decoration in your child’s room.
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Videos with tips to decorate Rooms of Boys spending little – Step by Step

So follow these tips and capriche the decor of your child’s bedroom, and if in doubt you can search for other models of rooms of decorated boys available on the internet that can help create the bedroom of your child’s dreams.

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