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Kitchens in L: Ideas + 30 Perfect Models

Having a house or apartment with all the rooms organized, functional and beautiful, is not an easy task, because for this you need a decoration suitable for each environment, of course it must follow the style and taste of the owner of the house. Some types of decor are: romantic, simple, sophisticated, rustic, contemporary and functional.

Among the environments that require beautiful and practical decoration is the kitchen, where all the food ingested by the family is prepared, so it needs a decoration that leaves everything in order and easy to find.

Kitchen features in L

At Kitchens in L are planned, ie are made with custom-made furniture. This type of kitchen should be done by a professional who needs to measure the space available to be able to create all the elements.
Wonderful L-Kitchen
L-kitchens can be found in different models, in which are small, medium and large kitchens, some can attach to the refrigerator and stove, others only include the sink and cabinets and may have many or few drawers, and much more. These kitchens can be made with the most diverse materials, with wood and steel being the most sought after.

Wood Kitchenware

At L-kitchens made with wood are common in simple and tasteful decorations. The wood used can be thicker or thinner and of different colors, since the wood can be painted, among the most common colors are: wood color, yellow, black, white, tobacco and brown. Wooden kitchens last a long time and are not so expensive.

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Steel L-Kitchens

Steel L-kitchens are very beautiful and last for many years, although they are more expensive, they are worth it. Stainless steel is a very expensive, more elegant material, so if you want a high-end kitchen, you want it to be made with steel.

L kitchens can be made up of: tall cabinets that serve to place the refrigerator or the freezer, a cupboard to put the stove, the sink comes embedded in the kitchen, and cabinets with drawers to put all the necessary items in a kitchen and in the kitchen. top appliances can be placed and other kitchen utensils such as: microwave, blender, coffee maker, pots, dishes and much more. These kitchens can also have a balcony.

The upper part of the L-shaped kitchens can be made of wood, marble or granite, the latter two of which are the most suitable because they are durable.

L-kitchens can only have one color or up to three, the choice will depend on the taste of each person. The most common colors are: brown, green, red, white, black, silver, beige and dark shades such as navy blue and purple closed.

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Tips for Decorating L-Kitchens

The L-kitchens are beautiful and functional as they make everything available to the housewife, so research the options of this type of kitchen.

The kitchen in L is a good choice for any type of space and kitchen.

The triangular shape of the kitchen in L, turns the environment into a more practical place, however the design must follow the size of the kitchen.

The refrigerator and the sink should stand side by side, the stove should be as far away as possible.

One tip is to replace the common cooker with a cooktop, which takes up less space in the kitchen.

Like the kitchen furniture in L are coupled, spare space to put other furniture in the kitchen, like a table with chairs.

The table and chairs are usually sold together, that is, they are made with the same material, so try to harmonize this material with the kitchen material in L.

The hanging cabinets are great alternatives to put the other kitchen appliances.

The painting of the kitchen walls can match the color of the kitchen in L, however, it is more appropriate to contrast the colors, that is, if the kitchen furniture is dark, the walls should be clear and vice versa.

If the L-shaped kitchen has a counter, the best thing to do is to put some benches or chairs that match the height of that item.

At kitchen decoration in L, try to highlight one of the walls, whether with a different color, coating, or with some hanging item, which can be a frame.

THE kitchen lighting in L must be white to highlight the entire decoration, it can be transmitted by points of light, recessed lighting on the wall or ceiling or ordinary fluorescent or LED lamps.

The floors of L-kitchens can be made with burnt cement, porcelain tile or tile, the ideal is to choose the one that most suits the style of the environment.

Kitchen Models in L: 30 Perfect Photos

So if you want to build an L-kitchen in your house or apartment, explore 30 perfect shots that we have prepared for you, take inspiration from the models below.
Kitchen in L

Kitchens in Blue L

Kitchens in L light blue

Classic Kitchen Designs

Color Lined Kitchens

Colored L Kitchens

Decorated L kitchens

L-shaped kitchen decorated

Large Kitchen

Kitchen in young L

Kitchen in L beautiful

Kitchen in L loft

Modern Kitchen Designs

Perfect L-Kitchen

Kitchen in L pink

Single L Kitchen

Sophisticated L-Kitchen

Kitchen in L green

Kitchen in red L

Vintage L Kitchen

Kitchens in L

Kitchens in L

Kitchens in L

Photos of Kitchens in L

Photos of Kitchens in L

Kitchens in L photos

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