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Looks to show off the body you hid in winter


One of the disadvantages of the cold is that we have to be wrapped up 24/7, hiding our body and skin to the world. Many of us love to show off, be the center of attention and why not? to hang out with handsome boys. Now that it is spring / summer you will have many excuses to wear one of the following looks, to re-launch your figure to the world.

A military shorts, rude booties, top and, to avoid looking so shameless, a transparent cardigan. This look is perfect for girls who love the audacity of wearing short clothes and the glamor of looking like a goddess.

That miniskirt of leatherette that was fashionable in autumn / winter, now you can wear it without socks, with boots and a colorful shirt. Your legs will become the center of all present looks.

A bodysuit with a cleavage on the back, with jeans at the waist. If you do not like the idea of ​​necklines or mini-skirts, you can take advantage of your back. Well it is not a “forbidden” part to use, but it is very insinuating.

Fresh two piece dress Sure you refused to leave the dresses in winter, but you could not use them with leg openings or two pieces. Now you can and will feel the most.

A short dress with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes are fashionable, outline the body and give the visual effect of a smaller waist. You can also use it with a transparent cardigan to look more glamorous.

The classic Little Black Dress, you can finally wear it without socks, high boots, scarves or uncomfortable jackets on top. You will wear it as is, and your body will finally be able to show off as the god it is.

If you’re a super daring and comfortable girl with your body, wear a narrow miniskirt with an elegant short top. This obvious look is great with heels to enhance the curves But! If you want to use it with tennis, no problem.

Your sports looks will give a great twist, you will change your leggings and loose shirts, shorts and sports tops. You will feel so comfortable, that you will want to go out with this look to any part of your city without problems.

The classic white look with denim will no longer be the same, now a denim skirt or skirt will accompany your blouses or tops with necklines for your casual days …

… but if your city is still cold, at least now your jeans may be broken and your bodysuits with cleavage. Well, with something you start, right?

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