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Looks to walk beautiful and fresh without the need to wear dresses


When the heat is unbearable, the easiest and most practical thing is to wear your favorite dress. However, it is obvious that we can not wear a daily dress. First because we do not have so many dresses; in the second, because we would look like portraits. Do not worry, what you can do is wear a look so cool and attractive that you’ll say “Dress who?”

A little black jumper, which is something like an LBD. You can use it, combine it and wear it as much or more than your favorite black dress. In addition, you will already have a notion that which shoes and accessories go better.

A linen jumper with warm colors. If it sounds strange to use black in summer, you can try with a jumper of cool shades and fabrics. It will go perfect to all your summer shoes.

A flowered miniskirt with a plain top is a yes or yes any spring / summer. Getting a skirt is not difficult, much less the top, and the best part is that you can use this look year after year.

Instead of wearing a dress, wear a large, baggy shirt as such. It will give you another air, one more original, extroverted, fresh and even attractive. You just have to have yourself and have more confidence in the look.

The classic ripped denim shorts with a long-sleeved blouse. The long sleeve is to give a balance to your outfit with the “mini” of the short …

… and not only that, it will do the same with the “mini of your denim skirts. With this look you can stand any wave of heat and any wave that that handsome boy is throwing at you.

When you hear the word “hot” the least that comes to mind are jeans, BUT! They are indispensable in any wardrobe, you can use a few torn to give ventilation to your legs and combine them with a mini top.

The jumper, even if it is long, will always let your skin breathe. This is because their light fabrics and loose designs let the air run through your body without showing anything.

A baggy pants with a slim bodysuit. This trousers is just what you need so that your legs (not plucked) get rid of a dress without dying of heat.

Skinny jeans, sandals and a tropical shirt It’s perfect for your casual days! Logically, the tropical shirts were made to survive the heat of the beach, so in your city will work hairs.

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