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Movies to recover from depression post Valentine


For some, Valentine’s Day is a nightmare. Maybe you wanted to spend it with your crush that you friendzoneó or with your recent ex. The point is that you see happy couples everywhere and you start to wonder what it feels like to have that special someone. But do not worry, you will recover from this day and more, if you take the weekend to see the following movies.

American Honey

A girl from the lower class of the US decides to follow a group of boys to sell magazines. All this because he falls in love with a boy. The real plot of the story is of how ephemeral are the relationships, that this reality should not affect you and that every couple brings a teaching.

My best friend’s Wedding

Sometimes we forget that Valentine is also about friendship. The plot in almost the entire film is of a girl preventing the wedding of the man she loves (her best friend). But in the end, he talks about the unconditional love of a friend.


With this movie you will thank life for being single Why? Because the film is about the terrible human beings that some people are. Well, many can swing their partner, no matter how much they love her.

How to be single

Being single should not devastate you that much; that is, you should take advantage to have fun and become a strong and super independent girl. If you do not know how to start doing it, this movie will tell you the steps to follow.

27 weddings

They call her “the eternal maid of honor” so a journalist investigates a bit about it and indeed! it has been for 27 times. Opacada by her beautiful sister and her jealousy for her boss who always loved Decide to ruin that wedding! But the undercover journalist makes him see life differently.

Ruby Sparks

It happens that we love a person for his essence and then that same essence is what ends up bothering us. This writer gives life to the love of his life and decides to control it so that it is always “the perfect woman”. In the end he talks about letting people go so that they continue to be themselves.

Always the same day

If your plan is to mourn and vent, watch this movie! The scenes are from July 15 of different years, narrate the life of Emma and Dexter year by year. Destiny will always grab us in a curve, but it does not mean that your best friend or the love of your life will go away forever.

Looking for a friend for the end of the world

To know the love of your life on the last day of the Earth, I do not know if it will make you laugh or cry. But it makes you think how rare is life. A different romantic comedy like this one, will teach you to laugh at the ironies of life and stop, in some way, your suffering.


Shallowness is a big problem, maybe it’s making you go out with louts. The protagonist immediately dislikes her new stepbrother, then feels empathy for him, then hates him and ends up loving him. Why? Because we must stop judging and get to know people better.

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