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Nice and cheap good outfits for school


Seeing yourself differently from time to time during school days is something that for many of us is necessary. Thinking about that, I want to share some ideas that will fill you with inspiration and that you can literally achieve with very little money. It will not be necessary for you to become indebted or anything like that, because it could be that right now you already have similar garments in your closet.

Give your touch to each of them!

Look at each detail from top to bottom of each of these outfits. Even the smallest accessory or combination is essential to get the look right.

The idea is that you see everyone and try the one that goes the most with your style and personality. For example, this would be totally for me.

Visualize yourself with each of them and think for what occasion you can use it.

I loved this elegant-casual idea. Perfect to expose in front of the class.

To steal hearts.

With what do they stay?

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