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Perfect clothes if you’re a girl with more tennis than heels


There are many types of shoes, however the most significant are the heels and tennis. We agree that the heels look very elegant, they make you look taller and your body looks more attractive. However, I am more of the #equipotenis, because they are more comfortable, they combine with almost everything, they are casual and formal. Did I mention that they are comfortable?

An outfit with a long coat

It usually does not look good with long boots but neither with flats, or you wear it with chic heels or, you wear your nice tennis shoes to achieve a look like this.

Animal print shirt

The animal print is a very diva design; that is, not every shoe gets along well with it. A pair of tennis shoes, preferably white, will go well with their simplicity.

Any basic garment

All the outfits with jeans, square shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, shorts or any other basic garment that you can think will look great with some tennis!

Obviously a pants with tennis is better

You can even make your sports outfit combine with your style or look; for with tennis the sky is the limit.

A mini skirt

Generally, mini skirts do not take much with the heels, they make your legs look longer than usual. Therefore, tennis is perfect for these cases.

A loose skirt

Not all girls dare to wear baggy midi skirts for looking like old lady or Protestant. With some tennis you can completely change your look to a hipster.

A maxi dress

This garment is almost best friend of the heels, but that does not mean that it would not take well with the tennis. Just try that your tennis combine in color or tonality.

Monochromatic garments

Those simple shirts or shorts with no more color, now you can look great with some tennis. Why? Because your tennis will take care of giving more life to the seriousness of your clothes.

A set of wool

I know that many hate wool, but because they have not used it with tennis! Just look at the next set and tell me if it does not look divine.

Your pajama clothes

Now your beach “memory of the beach” or “vote for the …” will have a better use. The tennis will transform your pajamas into casual outfits.

A common dress

Any common dress, especially shorts, are perfect with tennis. They can even bring you the seriousness of some heels, if you know how to use the weapons of your wardrobe well.

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