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Pergolado: 50 Inspiring Models

In a house it is possible to do different things to make it more beautiful and more spacious, among the elements that we can use to leave the house bigger is the pergola. The pergola, also known as pergola, is a structure made of wood that brings parallel woods supported on a column, for the laymen, the pergolas can look like unfinished roofs.

The pergola is usually used in balconies, as if they were the continuation of the house, this element can also be done in gardens to protect the plants and flowers.

Currently the pergola or pergola is used to create a pleasant outdoor environment to relax and rest, reducing the intensity of sunlight and composing a beautiful and elegant decoration. The pergolas can also be used to protect against the cold, just make a cover with an awning or glass.

The pergolas are mostly made of wood, but you can find pergolas of concrete, bamboo and iron.

Pergolado models to make at home

To do a pergola at home is necessary to hire a professional who understands the subject, as an architect. Among the models of pergolas we can highlight: pergola of wood with smoked laminated glass cover, pergola made of plaster with recessed lighting, treated eucalyptus pergola, pergola wood with glass cover, pergolado with metal beams, pergolado made of hardwood, pergolado vertical, pergolado supported in concrete structures, pergolas made with wood of demolition and more.

Tips for using pergolas in home decor

1. Pergolas are generally used in exterior areas of the house, such as: entrance hall, balconies, gardens, facades, corridors and environments near the barbecue or pool.

2. Pergolas are elements that are widely used in architecture because they are used to shade outdoors, offering comfort.

3. Because they have spaced beams, the pergolas provide a comfortable, translucent shade.

4. To decorate a pergola, a good option is to add curtains attached to the beams.

5. The pergolado must have a size proportional to the available space.

6. The pergolado can become one more environment of the house and therefore it must be decorated, with a style that agrees with the rest of the house.

7. Add a set of comfy sofas, a coffee table, some potted plants, and other items to make the environment look more beautiful on a pergola.

8. If the pergola is large, also put a table with chairs, hammocks, seats to sit, a TV and whatever else you want.

9. Sofas can be any color you wish, since pergolas have no walls to receive colors, if the furniture you choose is light colored, decorate them with cheerful or colored items such as pillows and puffs.

10. One option for poolside pigeons is to put beach chairs or those chairs that are common in hotels, which are by the pool.

11. The lighting for this type of environment can be embedded or transmitted by a common light, fluorescent or LED, remembering that the light should be white, because it remembers the sunlight and makes the environment even more beautiful.

12. The pergolas can be small and simple or large and more sophisticated, the decoration should match with each type. Although these outdoor environments are more common without roofing, the best thing to do is to cover them, be it with a glass, plastic or whatever you want, so you will be protected from the sun and rain.

13. Beams and structures can be decorated with flowers of different species, which will leave the environment more tropical and original.

14. Pergolas can also receive party decorations, such as: weddings, debutantes parties and other types of celebrations.

15. It is important that at the time of building your pergola, hire a professional and get only quality material, because if a wooden beam or other material falls on someone else may be a tragedy.

16. The pergolas may contain beams on the top and also on the sides or just above and the sides are covered by plastic or cloths that are used as curtains.

17. The furniture can be made only with wood, in the rustic style without lining or upholstery, but in this case, the cushions can not be missing.

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Pictures of homemade pergolas

Like other environments, pergolas can follow all the decorating styles that will depend on the owner of the house, so on the internet and in decorative magazines it is easy to find models of large, medium, small, simple, plus increased pergolas sophisticated decor, contemporary, rustic, modest and more for all tastes.

To get inspired, see the photos from the gallery of this article, from browsers, from websites that specialize in decoration, and also from magazines.
Punching models



Punching models





pergolas pictures



wooden pergola pictures




wooden pergola





pergola models

pergola with flowers


pergola with glass




pergola at home




pergola models

pergola photos

pergola of wood

photos of pergola

wonderful pergola



pergola on the barbecue

pergola in the garden

pergola in the external garden


pergola for gardens

pergola plants

Pergolado's Photos




pergola models


It is essential to say that anyone who has a space in the outside of their home can do a pergola, just research, do a project, call an experienced person to build it and choose a style of decoration. So get to work.

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