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Photos of Aquariums in Decoration (50 Ideas to Inspire)

Aquarium Photos in Decoration are extremely useful for people who want to decorate with aquariums, because the models serve as inspiration when choosing the type of aquarium, the position it will occupy in the environment, the shape of the aquarium, among others. The decoration of the most varied environments of a house, apartment or workplace, can be made with many elements already known and others that give the modern air and eccentric to the environment, such as aquariums.

Placing an aquarium in the decoration, leaves the environment more beautiful and can establish calm in the house, because it expands contact with nature, not to mention that aquarism can become a hobby that over time will become a therapeutic activity.

Having an aquarium at home can lessen tiredness and stress because while people take care of the plants and animals that live inside the aquarium, they end up leaving the problems in the background.

Aquariums in Decoration: 13 Tips to Build an Aquarium at Home

Aquariums in decoration
1. For those who think about having an aquarium at home, the first tip is to opt for a small size, with a maximum capacity of 40 liters. In this type of aquarium fit three to four fish of up to five centimeters each.

2. The fish indicated for the beginners are the following species: paulistinha, plati and espadinha, because these fish are resistant and colorful.

3. Before choosing the fish, it is necessary to take into consideration the pH of the aquarium water, which can be acidic or alkaline.

4. Freshwater aquariums are the most recommended for beginners because they require less equipment to function.

5. The basic elements that an aquarium should contain are: natural or artificial plants, stones and gravel.

6. The filter is an essential item in an aquarium, as it is responsible for maintaining water quality, the filter model indicated is the hang-on, which hangs behind the aquarium, in addition to filtering, this item moves the water and generates oxygen for fish. For a 40-liter aquarium, the filter must have the capacity to filter 200 liters of water per hour.

7. Lighting is essential for an aquarium, because it gives the sensation of day or night for fish, it must be made by aquarium-specific lamps, which are for sale in specialized stores. The lights are differentiated by the colors: blue, perfect for marine fish, pink is suitable for fish of the species: platis, swords, kinguios and white, should be used in tropical fish aquariums.

8. The cuttings that should be placed on the bottom of the aquarium are not only decorative because they help filter water and fix plants.

9. Natural plants are important for keeping fish healthy, some species indicated are: vallisneria, foxtail and eloid. The plants leave the aquariums decorated and serve as hiding places for the fish.

10. The aquarium can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedrooms and other environments, the important thing is that the aquarium is well maintained.

11. It is not advisable to put many fish in the same aquarium because they can fight or run out of oxygen.

12. Aquariums are beautiful decoration items that leave the most beautiful, peaceful and colorful environments.

13. When purchasing your aquarium, choose one that is right for your home, because aquariums that are too large in small environments are uncomfortable.

Home aquarium maintenance

The aquariums should be cleaned every two weeks, cleaning will take about an hour. In the process about 30% of the water is changed, which should be that of the faucet, most treated with instant conditioners, which eliminate chlorine from the liquid and are sold in specialized stores. In aquarium maintenance it is also important to clean the greenish glass and remove loose leaves from the plants. Cleaning the filter should be done once a month.

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Models of aquariums for decoration

In the market you can find different models of aquariums, among the main ones are: medium and rectangular aquariums, modern aquariums made inside acrylic tubes. Freshwater aquarium built into the wall, aquarium with aluminum frame, aquarium with LED lighting, square aquariums and many others.

Decorating Aquariums: 50 Inspiring Photos

On the internet and in specialized magazines it is easy to find many pictures of environments decorated with aquariums of all sizes and styles that can be placed in different environments. To get inspired, see also gallery photos with modern, simple, contemporary environments, among others.
beautiful aquarium

Decorating with Creative Aquariums

Decorating with creative and different aquariums

Aquariums in decoration

Aquariums in the decoration of environments

Aquariums in the decoration of environments

Aquariums in the dining room decor

Aquariums in the decoration of rooms

Aquariums in the decoration of rooms

Aquariums on the walls

Decoration with Aquarium on Wall

Decorating with Aquarium in the bedroom

Decorating with Aquarium in the bedroom

Picture of Decoration with aquarium on the stairs

Decoration with Aquarium on the stairs

Aquariums in decoration

Aquariums in decoration

Aquariums in decoration

Aquariums in Kitchen Decoration

How to Make Decorating with Aquariums

Decorating with Aquariums

Garden Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium in the Garden

Pictures of Aquariums

Pictures of Aquariums

Aquarium in the Games Room

Aquarium in the Games Room

Aquarium Models

Aquariums in decoration

Aquariums in decoration

Videos of Aquariums in Decoration: Tips – Step by Step

It is important, before setting up an aquarium in your home, to seek out a professional to explain everything that is necessary to succeed in this new hobby. Another important thing is to take care of the health and feeding of the fish, so that they are beautiful and alive for a long time.

So the decoration with aquariums can be made at home, apartments and work environments, because this element, in addition to leaving the spaces more beautiful, people are in constant contact with nature and stress decreases a lot. So get to work and build a beautiful aquarium for your whole family in your home today.

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