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Selfies with which even Cupid will be shot


Valentine’s Day can be quite frustrating and even depressing if we do not have a partner or plan to go out to celebrate. But everything is a mental issue, we have been taught that we must forcefully celebrate this day even if many and many of us feel uncomfortable or unequal.

So if you will stay at home and want to take advantage to update the photos of your social networks, these selfies will give you the inspiration you need. Even Cupid will be arrowed.

Subtle and dazzling.

Take this day to take care of your skin and take a nice selfie with the robe under your shoulders.

Add some funny socks to give another focus to the photo.

If you want to go out with friends, go to a place with little machines and take the opportunity to shoot.

Look at the photos you can get.

A new way of taking a photo in front of the mirror.

Lick your hair to the front.

Casting laziness!

Which one do you like the most?

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