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Sofa set: Get to know the most common models to enrich your decor

When decorating becomes an essential element of a house’s personality, each piece of furniture chosen to complement it needs to follow a series of requirements to maintain the harmony and balance of the space in question. This is the case of the sofa game, the main protagonist of the living room.

Available in several models and colors, this furniture usually harmonizes all the decoration of the room in which it is installed. However, it is common that many questions arise about how to use it to achieve this object.

To answer any questions, we have decided to address in this article some of the most common sofa game models and how to fit them into their environments. As each was made to fit a different proposition, it is important to take some precautions to extract the best of these furniture. Keep reading to find out more!

Retractable and reclining

retractable sofa
Known for its comfort and spaciousness, the retractable and reclining sofa set is the right choice for anyone who owns a free area and wants to take the time to relax while doing their movie and series marathon with family and friends over the weekend.

When reclining the backrest and extending the front lower part, these modern sofas sets take up a lot of space, which makes it necessary to keep a distance of at least 1m between them and other furniture, be it a coffee table or even the decorative armchairs nearby.

As it will be used by several people, the choice of fabric can not be ignored either. Prefer models made of suede and chenille that consist of stronger and stronger fibers. While the former stands out for the soft texture, soft touch and flexibility, the second consists of a velvety fiber of wool, cotton or other fabric.


Corner sofa
Ideal for both small apartments and larger environments where every inch of space is valuable, the corner sofa set is the perfect option for those who want to make smarter use of space.

With the tendency to incorporate two or more rooms in the same room, this model comes out very well in the decoration, making it more visually pleasing.

One way to make it even more cozy is to invest in ambient lighting. By lowering it, it creates the perfect atmosphere to welcome guests and enjoy some craft beers to the sound of ambient music. Multi-pillow models increase comfort even further and enhance living room decor.

Sofa bed

sofa bed
When space is limited and budget is reduced, opting for a sofa bed becomes an outlet both to enjoy your moments in front of the television and to rest.

If previously they were considered to be a few comfortable and visually unpleasant options, today this type of sofa set offers quality comfort and design.

To choose it, always consider whether it will be for one or two people and what extra attributes are available (slope level, upholstery type, color). Do not forget to reserve the space of 70cm between it and the other furniture so as not to disturb the mobility of the environment.

Even though it is a seemingly decorative item, the cushions can provide more comfort. Loose or fixed, they leave the furniture even more cozy to receive guests.


common sofa
Present in most homes, the traditional sofa is still the most sought after by families interested in maintaining the classic or rustic decor preserved. Available in models with three, four, five or six seats, this mobile is still the object of many couples’ desire.

The wooden model, for example, is perfect for homes that seek to rescue the tranquility and warmth of the countryside, since it creates an interesting harmony with the rest of the residence, keeping the rustic style in focus.

Being a sustainable sofa game option, the wooden model is usually easy to clean, and has a high durability, saving you unnecessary repairs and repairs.


leather sofa
Already the leather sofa is more suitable for modern environments. Items that exude elegance and sophistication, these sofa game models require a decoration designed and turned to the classic style in the smallest details.

Therefore, choosing the other items that will fill the environment (tables, chairs, tables, rugs, curtains, chairs) need to create a sense of unity and complement. If you want to stimulate comfort and keep your living room always warm, try combining your leather sofa with wood furniture.

Indeed, the sofa set can deeply transform the décor of your living room, making it more comfortable, beautiful and inviting to welcome your family and friends. Sign up for our newsletter and keep browsing our website to stay well informed on this and other topics!

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