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Sophisticated looks that will motivate you to stop being ‘Nini’


Stop being nini, unlike what many think, is a matter of motivation. That is, schools and jobs are over, maybe not the ones you would like, but with small steps we can reach the moon. The motivation will not come from nothing, you need to work hard and have a clearer conception of reality. But the most difficult thing is to be passionate about your goals, so to throw your hand we leave you some looks to project yourself in the school / work of your dreams.

Now you will have an excuse to wear that formal shirt you always dreamed of. Also get the most out of the world with your jeans, formal pants, black, white, etc …

… it can even be a semi-formal shirt, because these are garments that you can not use in your few activities. A good motivation would be to become the best dressed of your companions.

A look all black, you can only use it in very boring parties or in (the universe does not want it) funerals. But for an office it is as chic and sophisticated as you can use.

That semiformal dress you bought on impulse will be your new companion to job interviews / college entrance exams. You will feel comfortable, safe and a professional.

So you are comfortable with your casual look of shirt and jeans, do not deny that you are dying to combine them with some heels and a dream bag. Look that you can not use as a nini without looking exaggerated.

Pencil skirt, with heels and formal blouse. The trend of pencil-type skirts has never gone away, and you’ve probably seen so many looks that you want to try all of your blouses in a new skirt.

Formal shorts with long-sleeved shirt. A casual short you can always use, but do not you want a formal one? That that highlights your blouses and shoes equal or more than any other skirt.

Chic pants with body and heels. Each year there is a trendy pants that all fashion lovers die for using, but they are so sophisticated that they can only show off professionally.

A long formal jumper is difficult to accommodate to situation. I know it can be used at weddings, but realistically, it’s no longer the wedding season! A job / school will make it worth your purchase.

That chic, sophisticated and professional look that you have planned a thousand times in your head. The one you will use when you feel on track to fulfill your goals and passions. Good luck, do not waste your time, motivate yourself and live longer.

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