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Tattoos ‘Fine Line’ that will become the best accessory of your looks


I know that many are going to say that the tattoo has to have meaning, not to show off and blah blah blah! It’s a tattoo, a work of art on the skin, so it’s obvious to show it off. And surely you asked yourself: a tattoo as an accessory? Yes, the “fine line” style tattoos are so sophisticated that they surpass any accessory. It is a style with lines so thin that they are a great decoration for all your looks.

A silhouette of a woman

We all know that the body of the woman is perfect, however it may be, so it sounds good to represent that beauty in your skin. With fine and elegant lines like the curves of a woman.

A flower in the heel

The flowers are worn super well with this tattoo method, because they are delicate and thin as the fine lines of this style.

A small tattoo

You can take advantage of the thinness of the line to make a discreet and small tattoo. Like a half moon, some circle, line or shape that does not exceed two centimeters.

A needle with thread

Taking advantage of your love for fashion and the thinness of the tattoo, you can make a thread with your respective needle. You can also “bury” it in your skin to give it realism.


Many seek to tattoo a word or phrase with script type fonts (italics). Give a different touch with a straight and thin letters with this technique.

Lyrics in rare parts

You can take advantage of the letters (which look good on any side) to tattoo them in the strangest places, such as the nape of the neck, behind the ear, a finger and even the neck.

A weathered doodle

If you do not know what to do, you can be a scribble that only means something to you. You can even degrade it in two or more colors.

A meaningful doodle

Even scribbles can make sense. How? Creating some abstract form For example, this tattoo of two intertwined faces.

Lines with sense

You do not need many lines of a drawing to understand, it is even more entertaining if the tattoo is missing “elements”. Trying to guess will make it interesting.

A complex form

This technique is not only summarized in minimalism, it can be used to create drawings with a great degree of complexity; that is, it requires fine lines.

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