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Tell me what you want to change your face and I will tell you which mask to use


To enhance the beauty of our face, it is important to consider the masks. But first of all, we must be aware of what we use before applying any product. There are several types of masks and they work differently. To make the effect we seek, you must first know what they help and their properties. For that reason, we are going to leave you some types of masks, depending on your need.

Control oily skin? Clay!

If your area T or the whole face shines constantly, the clay mask is highly recommended. Its benefits are several, but mainly absorbs fat and balances the production of sebaceous glands. This for its minerals such as zinc, magnesium and titanium.

Reduce the redness on your face? Dry clay!

The redness on the face can be caused by pimples, inflammation or blood circulation. Fortunately for you, dry clay minimizes swelling, reduces the fat that your acne produces and improves blood circulation throughout your face.

Close your pores? Carbon!

It has little that has become trendy, but that does not make it less effective. Its consistency is sticky and it takes time to dry. This is because, as it hardens, it is responsible for absorbing the grease and garbage that is inside your pores to be able to seal them without any obstruction.

Feel your skin softer? Exfoliating!

You can buy it, but they are also easy to make. Homemade ingredients such as honey, sugar, lemon and even oatmeal are used. The masks of this type are responsible for removing the dead skin of your face, to give you (as they say) a new face in minutes.

Avoid dryness? Natural fruit mask!

This mask yes or yes you have to do it. Natural fruits have a high water content, which is ideal for dry skin. You can prepare a paste in the blender with fruits on hand like a ripe banana and even cucumber.

Reduce your dark circles or wrinkles? Rose petals!

This is the perfect excuse not to waste the flowers that give and wither. Crush its petals to form a paste and let it act on your face for 20 minutes. Roses support cell regeneration, so that naturally your skin becomes younger, softer and more flexible.

Hydrate your skin? A metal!

They are gold or silver, but do not contain metals. These masks contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural compound in our body and belongs to the collagen of the skin, keeping it hydrated and without wrinkles. Over time, the production of this substance is decreasing. No problem! Well these masks keeps it.

Do not know what you want to improve? Use a sheet!

These masks are famous in the east. For its easy application, multiple uses and hydration in any type of skin. They are sheets that create a barrier in your skin to penetrate easily without evaporation. Also the product that you can use on your neck and hands.

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