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Tips to close the cycle changing the look without cutting your hair!


Close cycles is the end of the season of this series called “life”. It is very important to close and finish with the old, to open space for new experiences. I know it does not sound easy, it certainly is not, but you can start with a superficial change. There is a cliché that cutting your hair is a great help, but if you love your long hair we recommend you do the following.

Change the color of your hair

My recommendation is to paint a “ombre hair”, because it is discreet, it does not mistreat your hair, it looks good on any skin tone and you avoid the dye on your skin. Not to mention that any hairstyle will look great.

Change the style of your hair

If your hair is straight you can try a permanent, it serves and looks shorter without cutting it. You will feel that even your face changes and you will try new makeups. The permanent alignment is also valid if you are very Chinese.

Change of wardrobe

You must donate all the clothes you no longer use and save for new. You do not need to spend that much; for example, if you buy tennis shoes, heels, pants, a skirt and three blouses, you get twelve new different combinations!

Go put on your nails

You’d be surprised how different you feel with new nails. From the feeling of doing everything with more delicacy, to chulearte hands every five minutes; unconsciously we observe our hands almost all day.

get a tattoo

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Closing the cycle will be a great excuse. So be the smallest and hidden tattoo in the world, it will help you to feel a new, daring, more confident girl and you will even begin to behave differently.

Start using heels

The heels make you feel taller, important, elegant and beautiful. Obviously we should not use them every day, but from time to time, risk to use ones. I know that for many they are not comfortable, but they can start with low heels, then with a platform, then a wide heel, etc.

Renew the makeup way

Sure you think you already found that “perfect” makeup that goes well with your face, but you fell into the routine. Give opportunity to new colors, techniques, remove some element that you use and watch tutorials.

Try new hairstyles

This trick is easy and you do not have to spend more than in leagues and brooches, which are relatively cheap. Changing the way you use your hair, the shape of your face, head and even body look different.

Learn to do something new

Whether it’s taking dance classes, enrolling in the gym, changing your diet, studying a language, etc.

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