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Tips to feel comfortable on the beach if it is in your days

The holidays are approaching and many of us will surely be in our days. I know it is not comfortable or pleasant and we would prefer a thousand times not to be, but we can not do anything but prepare and not let them ruin everything.

So if you go to the beach or a spa it is better to check these tips, I swear that they will save you and let you enjoy the full of your holidays (1oo% tested and tested).

Carry super absorbent tampons

If you plan to swim a tampon you have to use it. Do not be afraid of them, they are comfortable, easy to use and they will not disappoint you. Just remember to change it at least every 5 or 6 hours to avoid infections or accidents. Choose the most absorbing although your period is not abundant, they will give you more confidence and tranquility.

menstrual cup

The downside of tampons is that the thread that is left outside can be quite treacherous and stay out of your bathing suit making you go through an embarrassing moment. If this scares you, you can replace them with a menstrual cup, it’s green, it’s anti-accident and you can leave it much longer inside.

Wet wipes

In your bag always carry; In addition to tampons or your spare menstrual cup, some feminine wet wipes, so you’ll feel fresh longer.

Colic tablets

These pills have been a blessing in my life. And not only do they take away your pain in 10 minutes, but it also prevents you from getting inflamed, retaining fluids and being irritable. You really have to make them your travel companion.

Reduce your salt intake

Try several days before, reduce as much as you can your salt intake to avoid fluid retention and swelling.

Eat light and healthy

Try not to eat heavy and with fat, so your body will respond better to inflammation. So a week before, try salads and juices.

Full or high-waisted bathing suit

Full bathing suits and high-rise bikinis will help you feel more comfortable these days. If you get inflamed, you will control your abdomen a little. So buy yourself at least one.

Depilate before

Depílate a few days before you get off, because if you do just in your days your skin is more sensitive and you can be hurt, sensitive and super irritated.

Take a lot of water

Drinking water will help you not to retain liquids. Yes as you hear it, your body retains fluid because it dehydrates, so if you drink plenty of water, you will not have to activate this survival mechanism.

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