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Trendy swimwear that will motivate you to save for the holiday


If for many of us, we would go to the beach every bridge or vacation; however, we are not all good at saving. We always go through expenses like losing our cell phone, a charming dress, debts we forgot we had, a little noise in the car, a friend’s birthday, etc.

We’ll give you ten good reasons to save what they are! Swimsuits! Look at these trends so that you can project yourself, imagine yourself on the beach, looking like time stands still, the sea, the sand, the friends and the sun.

Polka dots prints will be trend this summer and swimsuits will not be the exception! The dots are a European classic that you will adore and they will make you look classy.

And speaking of Europe, its elegant prints have come to bathing suits to give you class and style in your vacations. So you will not lose the glamor no matter the sand on your skin or the moisture in your hair.

Animal print swimsuits had never been a trend. We recommend you start saving to go to the beach and wear the swimsuit before all.

The woven suits have already gone down in history, today’s clothes are unraveled. This is a type of artisan fabric where certain parts have pictures or circles without fabric. Weird, is not it? But excellent design.

We all learned that the bare-back blouses are Hyper sensual! Now imagine it in a bathing suit. Obvious they are well subject so that you avoid teaching of more …

… and if the previous design convinced you, can you imagine it in two pieces? You will be the second brightest sun of the beach you go to.

Swimsuit with long sleeves. We all have arms, at least, a shade darker than the rest of the body. It’s time to match things! It will make you look like a chic surfer.

White bathing suits have always been rejected for their “simplicity”, but it is this minimalism that makes it even more sophisticated. You’ll see yourself as a movie star vacationing …

… especially if you risk wearing a white bikini. You will look charming, different and more classy than the rest of the girls in the hotel / hostel / camp.

Perhaps swimsuits, because they are made of more elaborate fabrics, are slower to reach the trend fabrics. Last year we were shown that the paintings were the bomb, this year the swimsuits will continue with the legacy.

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