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Venetian Mirrors in Decoration – 40 Inspiring Models

The decoration is an art that has the function of harmonizing all the elements of a space, home or environment, that is, the decoration is used to match the colors of walls, furniture and objects, which must have the same color or style, then, only then will the place be beautiful and harmonized. There are many decorative items that can make the rooms beautiful and comfortable, among which we can highlight the mirrors that can be found with different sizes and models for all tastes.

The mirrors are elements that must be present in all types of decoration, as well as leaving the environments more beautiful, they still give the feeling of amplitude, that is, they make the environments seem larger, among the models of mirrors indicated for a decoration, are the Venetians.

History of Venetian Mirrors

These models of mirrors were created in Venice in the fourteenth century, these objects have a frame worked in the glass itself. At the time they were created, they cost a lot of money because they were considered true works of art.

It is now possible to find antique Venetian mirrors in museums and castles, however it is also possible to find such mirrors in shops specializing in decoration.

Venetian mirrors are suitable for more sophisticated decorations and can be placed in the rooms, bathrooms, foyer and even in rooms, on a wall alone or completing a dressing table.

Models of Venetian mirrors to inspire

There are many models to inspire, among the most seen are those with frames that have a crown on the top, the ones with the broader silhouettes, the thin ones, the small ones, the medium ones and the big ones, the round ones and others.

Tips for Decorating with Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors can be placed on a light-colored wall, such as white, that will highlight it in the environment, but can also be hung on walls of dark colors.

If the Venetian mirror is placed in a dining room, the tip is to harmonize it with a chandelier, as both follow a more sophisticated style.

This type of mirror can be made with a lighter and brighter glass, or thicker and more yellowish. Its frame is made with medieval motifs.

Venetian mirrors combine with tasteful decorations.
The wall that will stay with the Venetian mirror can gain a different coating, color or detail, so the object will be more valued.
Red Venetian Mirror
The wall you stay with the venetian mirror will look gorgeous if you get a light color like white, beige, pink and pastel shades of green, yellow, blue and lilac, especially if it is in a feminine setting.

An upscale or social bathroom can earn a Venetian mirror suspended over the sink or tub.

As an object of high taste, Venetian mirrors can not be placed in environments with much information, the tip is to place them in a sober environment.

In a room with exquisite decoration, the elements that can not miss are: a Venetian mirror, a chandelier, sofas, chairs and armchairs with antique design, a rug and a coffee table.

Venetian mirrors can also be placed on walls lined with a sober and detailed wallpaper.

Venetian mirrors are perfect for environments with vanities, common in girls’ and women’s rooms.

Venetian mirrors are different pieces and can be found in specialty shops, antique dealers and other establishments that sell different products and luxurious design.

Venetian mirrors may have the frame with the same glass of their manufacture or more transparent, almost invisible.

For people with good financial conditions, there are silver Venetian mirrors, which are wonderful pieces.
Venetian mirror on the dressing table

Venetian style dressing gowns

The dressers are very feminine elements, they can be composed of a cabinet with drawers or a table with an exquisite design, a padded chair with the same design as the furniture or table, or a bench.

In them it is very important to place adequate lighting, made mainly by a white light transmitted by lamps or lamps. The Venetian mirror give all the brightness to the vanity-like dressing tables of real princesses.

The dressing gowns are for girls, teenagers and adult women to dress, make-up and dress to look beautiful and according to the occasion. On the table or the mobile are placed different items, such as: makeup, brush, comb, cream, hair accessories and more.

As they are feminine furniture, generally Venetian vanity vents bring light colors, such as white, pink, lilac, beige, salmon and peach.

Photos of Venetian Mirrors (40 Amazing Models)

Who still does not understand what are Venetian mirrors, the tip is to search for photos on the internet, just put the name of the mirror in the search engine. Another option is to see the photos of the gallery that brings some beautiful and different Venetian mirrors.
Decoration with Venetian Mirrors

Decoration Venetian mirrors

Decoration Venetian mirrors

Venetian mirrors

Venetian mirrors

Venetian mirrors

Pictures of Venetian mirrors

Beautiful venetian mirrors

Beautiful venetian mirrors

Venetian mirrors models

Venetian mirrors models

Venetian mirrors in decoration

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom decorated

Venetian mirrors in the bathroom

Venetian mirrors in the bedroom

Venetian mirrors for bathrooms

Perfect Venetian mirrors

Perfect Venetian mirrors

Round Venetian mirrors

Venetian mirror

Yellow Venetian Mirror

Classic Venetian Mirror

Colorful Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror decorated

Venetian mirror basin

Beautiful Venetian Mirror

Wonderful Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror in the living room

Venetian mirror in the dining room

Venetian mirror for children's room

Purple Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror trends

Photo of Venetian mirror

photos Venetian mirrors

models of Venetian mirrors

models of Venetian mirrors
So if you have an exquisite taste and are looking for a Venetian mirror, search the stores, which of course, you will find several models.

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