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Wonderful Colorful and Painted Houses

The Colorful Houses are a true charm, they can show a lot of joy and joviality, if you intend to paint your house with vibrant colors and cheerful, then, inspire yourself in the 40 models of Colored and Painted Houses. The decoration is an item that should be part of all the environments of a house or apartment, including the facade, which is one of the most important parts, as it is the first thing seen by all the people who pass the streets and also by friends, neighbors, visits and even by family.

The houses ask for the most diverse elements to be beautiful and harmonious, they are: furniture, objects and colors that must be present on the walls of the interior, the façade and all the items.
photos of colorful houses
Many people do not give up a house with clear and sober colors, inside and outside the property, as they leave the buildings larger and more discreet, however it is possible to find some people who like to attract attention, so invest in various colors .

Models of Colored and Painted Houses

The models of colored and painted houses are many, in which they are: those that bring the facade with two or more colors, only a part of the facade, the colors can be present in the windows and the doors, the colors can be only in the internal environments , or the colors may be part of the house furniture.

Tips for having a colorful house

1. The first thing to do is think of the style you want for the front of your home or for the interior, because only then can you choose the right colors.

2. If you choose a romantic decoration, the house should be painted with colors that follow this style, such as: pink, blue, lilac and pastel green.

3. If you want a colorful house in the rustic style, it is best to bet on darker colors such as purple, navy blue, dark green and red.

4. A house painted in the modern style, can receive extravagant colors, they are: orange, shock pink, lime green, open blue, yellow, among others.

5. After choosing the colors you will use, the next step is to purchase quality paints and hire a professional to do the service.

6. Look for one or more serious professionals who only cover the fair and when you buy the paints, get help from someone who understands the subject.

7.The facade of the house can be painted with up to four colors, will depend on the taste of each person, a tip is to paint the facade with one color, the door and the window with another and if you have a wall, paint with another color.

8. The colored facade can also be made by contrasting the colors, ie the whole facade can be painted as a light color, as white and beige and the details of it can receive a striking color, or vice versa.

9. If you want your home’s interiors to get a lot of color to be colored, the best way is to choose a color for the whole house and put furniture in bright colors, but if you want to paint an environment of each color, choose the colors that will make the decoration of the spaces and if they are very flashy, the furniture can gain sober colors, being the most indicated is the white.

10. Environments painted entirely with white or other light color, can become a colorful environment, so just put furniture of different colors, or add colorful decorating objects, in which are: carpet, curtains, picture frames, mirrors, paintings, cushions, among others.

11. It is important not to exaggerate the color, otherwise the decoration will be scandalous, so the best option is to alternate an open and vibrant color with a more discreet.

12. Generally colored houses are seen in simpler neighborhoods, however, many families with good financial conditions bet on colors to highlight their homes.

13. The most common colors in the colored houses are: green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange and red.

14. Exquisite decorations can also be colored, for example: in an exquisite room, one of the walls can be painted with a more prominent color like blue.

15. If you do not want to use paint to color the house, just add a wallpaper of the color you want.

16. All environments in a home can be colorful, but the colors match the living room, bathroom and laundry area, because in environments such as the kitchen or bedrooms, the colors can get in the way of eating and to sleep.

Photos of houses

The colorful houses are cheerful, uncluttered and seem to be younger, so they are suitable for those people who want to give an extra sparkle in their life. To inspire, just see the photos available on the internet, from small, medium, large, simple, modern, old and sophisticated houses with many or few colors, another tip is to see the gallery photos, you will surely be inspired and adopt the colorful style on the facade or in the interior of your home, or if you prefer.

So colored houses painted with different types of paint are inspiring, however before you adopt the colors in the decoration of your home, it is essential to think well not to regret it later.

Colorful House Models

Beautiful Colored Houses Models

interior of colorful houses


modern-colored facades

colored house facades

colored facades


facade of colorful houses

modern facade of colorful houses



tips for painting colorful houses

green-colored houses

constructions-colored houses



vintage colorful houses

colored houses-slash

colored houses-with-plants

colored houses in the neighborhood

colored-painted houses

colored houses-with-vibrant colors

colorful houses blue

old-colored houses

yellow-colored houses

cheerful colorful houses

colored houses




colorful modern house




home-with-colored windows

colorful houses

Colorful houses

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